Following is a list of Ayurvedic therapies that are offered in our clinic.

After a personal consultation, a Maharishi AyurVeda practitioner will create a treatment plan consisting of a number of these therapies. Many of the therapies can also be taken individually as single treatments, lasting between 1 and 2 hours.

Synchronised full body massage using herbalised oils, performed by two Ayurvedic therapists. Abhyanga is normally given before other forms of Panchakarma treatment. It helps soften up and release toxins that accumulate in our cells and tissues. This massage is particularly good at reducing Vata Dosha.
Synchronised massage done with a paste made with coarsely ground flours, herbal powders and oils. Udvartana is a stimulated and enlivening massage that, reduces Kapha Dosha, promotes weight-loss, improves blood circulation and cleanses the skin.
This stimulating dry massage, performed with raw silk gloves, helps promote weight-loss. The friction produced on the surface of the skin is useful for those with a heavier Kapha body type.
A synchronised deep muscle massage for those who perform sports or who take part in physical exercise or work. Stronger pressure and less oil is used than in Abhyanga. This massage serves to profoundly relax the muscles and it has a powerfully stimulating effect on circulation within the tissues.
This treatment combines a head, neck and shoulder massage with herbalised steam and purification procedures. It helps eliminate toxins from the sinuses and from the whole head and upper respiratory area. Besides clearing and calming the mind, Nasya is said to purify and detoxify the sense organs.
This profoundly relaxing treatment usually follows on from an Abhyanga massage. During Shirodhara, a stream of oil is poured slowly and evenly over the forehead to promote a deep state of healing. As this treatment is particularly balancing to a sub-dosha of Vata called Prana Vata, it helps calm an overactive mind and is very helpful for insomnia, anxiety and depression.
Takradhara therapy helps with anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and psoriasis, as well as Pitta and Vata imbalances, particularly in the brain. Takradhara follows after a complete body massage using herbal oils, to lubricate your body and soften up cellular toxins. You lie on table and a cool herbalised liquid yoghurt is slowly poured on your forehead for half an hour by an Ayurvedic therapists. This therapy helps relaxing your nerves and helps with skin problems.
This profoundly relaxing treatment usually follows on from an Abhyanga massage. During Shirodhara, a stream of oil is poured slowly and evenly over the forehead to promote a deep state of healing. As this treatment is particularly balancing to a sub-dosha of Vata called Prana Vata, it helps calm an overactive mind and is very helpful for insomnia, anxiety and depression.
After a full head and face massage, this treatment is applied to the eyes and surrounding tissues. It is recommended for eye strain, tired eyes, itchy eyes, bloodshot eyes and a range of other eye problems. The eyes are considered a Pitta or hot organ and as Netra Tarpana helps balance Pitta Dosha, it also helps reduce anger. Netra Tarpana is also said to promote one’s inner eye, or intuition.
During this luxurious royal treatment, two Ayurvedic technicians pour a continuous stream of warm oil over your whole body, while also performing a synchronised massage. This combination of oil massage and heat treatment, softens and releases deep-seated toxins and then moves them out of the tissues ready for elimination. This massage is considered the best treatment for reducing excess Vata Dosha.
This highly invigorating massage promotes the perfect flow of Prana and purify the Shrotas and Marmas. It was traditionally given to warriors to bring them into peak condition before a battle, or to heal their injuries after battle. Enhancing to one’s strength and vitality, Uzhichil is highly recommended for anyone who wants to increase their vigour and energy.
This treatment is normally proceeded by a full body massage. Once the toxins are softened and released by the massage, herbalised steam is applied in a wooden cabinet in which the whole of your body, apart from your head, is enclosed. This heat treatment opens up the body channels (Shrotas) and helps move the toxins out of the tissues ready for elimination. Swedana has a balancing effect on both Vata and Kapha Doshas.
Abhyanga followed by an intensive massage of the whole body. Small warm linen bags, or boluses, are filled with specially prepared mixture of herbs, rice cooked in milk and medicated oils, and then applied to relieve musculo-skeletal pain and inflammatory conditions. Pinda Swedana is usually applied over the whole body but can also be applied locally, to specific parts of the body.
Small warm linen bags, or boluses, are filled with specially prepared mixture of herbs, lemon and herbalist oils, and then applied locally to relieve or prevent joint problems. Useful for joint or muscular pain, loss of function of a part or whole limb, stiffness, sciatica, swellings, sprains and cramp. Patra Pottali is applied locally on a single location or on several locations.
Once toxins are softened up and released by full body massage, and moved out of the tissues by heat treatment, elimination therapies, such as Basti, can be applied. Enemas help purify the toxins from the body via the colon. The enemas we use are also designed to sooth and nourish the colon and intestines so that they can perform their functions more effectively. Besides removing toxins from the body, Basti treatment also eliminates excess Doshas and helps restore Doshic balance.
Enclosed on a dough ring, a very soothing pool of oil is place on the heart area. This treatment is useful for both physical heart conditions, such as heart irregularities, and for emotional conditions, such as heartache, sadness and loss.
The lower back is close to the seat of Vata Dosha and lower back problems usually indicate Vata imbalances. As oil is one of the best treatment for Vata, Kati Basti involved maintaining a pool of oil on the lower back within a dough ring. This treatment helps with a wide range of lower back problems.
In this treatment, herbalised oil is gently dripped on the top of the head. Shiro Picchu help relieve stress, remove fatigue, enhance vitality, relieve insomnia, and calm and balance the mind. In Ayurveda it has been traditionally used to help a wide range of mental conditions.
A treatment that holds a pool of oil on the liver using a dough ring. Good for cooling down any overheating or inflammation of the liver and for removing any accumulated toxins.
Janu basti is treatment used to strengthen the knee muscles. It also strengthens the structure of the knee joint and improve its functioning. Janu basti helps remove toxic ama which can build up in the knee joints and cause problems.
We can offer a wide range of Bastis for conditions in different parts of the body. The oils used in the Bastis have balance the area they are held on, and at the same time they penetrate through the skin and draw out toxins that have accumulated in that area.
Gentle massage under a continuous stream of warm herbalist milk. Helps to quickly reduce Vata and pain in the bones. Leaves the skin nourished and with a healthy glow.
In this treatment, a continuous stream of warm herbalist milk is poured over your forehead. Ksheeradhara is traditionally used in the treatment of hypertension, depression, anxiety and insomnia.
After a full head massage, herbalised oil is applied to each ear. This treatment lubricates the delicate filaments of the ear canal. Karna Purana calms the mind, sharpens the hearing, removes impurities and is useful for a range of ear problems, including tinnitus.
This massage is designed to improve energy flow down the legs and through the feet towards the toes by clearing blocked channels (Shrotas and Nadis) and by stimulating vital energy points (Marmas). According to ancient Ayurveda texts, “Diseases do not go near one who massages his legs and feet from knee to toes before sleeping, just as snakes do not approach eagles”. Besides helping with conditions of the legs and feet, because the feet have subtle connections with all parts of the body, Padabhyanga massage has a wide range of therapeutic uses. It is particularly recommended for sleep problems.
Removes excess Pitta from the intestines, which is the seat of Pitta. It is also very good at removing excess Kapha. Virechana is generally taken at home, before coming to the clinic for the rest of the Panchakarma treatment.

Why choose us?

  • Established in 1985 with over 30 years of treatment and experience
  • Revival of an age-old health tradition by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  • Supervised by one of Europe’s most experienced Ayurvedic doctors
  • Maharishi AyurVeda offers the widest range of treatments available
  • Maharishi AyurVeda employs 40 systematic approaches to health.

What our clients say

Having come back to our normal life we are harvesting the benefits of this treatment in many ways. We also learned a lot of useful things that we now incorporate into our lifestyle. We often think of this extraordinary week of Panchakarma treatment and hope to come back soon.
I cannot thank you enough for the extraordinary experience that was my first Panchakarma. I feel completely transformed – so calm, so relaxed, yet strong and clearer in mind and body. I’m following the post-Panchakarma instructions carefully of course and continue to feel the benefits and improvements each day.
I feel great. It has been an enlightening experience, revealing another layer of life and beauty – probably life-changing! I cannot imagine a more subtle way to achieve complete rest and relaxation for both my body and mind.
I came here to rest and rejuvenate after a difficult six months. In three days I more than fulfilled this. I also found the quality of the care was so outstanding that I feel particularly blessed to have been able to come here.