After months of lockdown our Maharishi Ayurveda centre is once again able to offer treatments, including Panchakarma and Marma Therapy.

Panchakarma is especially important during these difficult times. In this therapy, Ayurveda has created the most natural way to thoroughly cleanse your body. Using a careful sequence of oiling, heating and purification procedures, Panchakarma revitalises every cell and tissue to create balance and protection. Its regeneration influence also helps you recover more quickly from the after-effects of illness.

A delicate time for your health

Any major changes in weather patterns can also have a significant effect on your health and leave you more vulnerable to disease. This is why the transition from summer (the Pitta season) to autumn (the Vata season) can be a delicate time.

The fire and heat of Pitta dosha accumulates in your body over the summer and is at its maximum when summer ends and autumn begins. Accumulated Pitta dosha (fire/heat) together with the cool, drying and moving qualities of Vata dosha come into play within the physiology.

The rising influence of Vata, with its moving and changeable nature, encourages accumulated Pitta to rise to the surface. Pitta imbalances, such as skin disorders, allergies, eye problems and digestive disturbance can start up.

Autumn is an important time to remove any accumulated impurities, so that you stay strong and healthy for the coming colder weather.

Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s recommended detoxification and purification treatment for the transitions from summer to autumn and then through to winter.

Things that help with the rising influence of Vata

  • Go to bed on time (before 10pm)
  • Wake with the rising sun
  • Give yourself a daily sesame oil massage
  • Be regular with your meditation practice
  • Practice yoga and pranayama every day
  • Eat at regular times, with your main meal at lunch
  • Avoid cold foods such as salads and reduce drying foods such as toast, beans and potatoes
  • Eat warming, substantial meals as the weather cools
  • Stay well wrapped up when you go out on cold windy days
  • Drink Vata Tea and add Vata Churna to your food during autumn.

For upcoming availability of Panchakarma treatment

Women’s treatments: Linda Farmer on 07850 942654,

Men’s treatments: David Evans on 07752 075955,

Couples can contact either Linda or David.

Before booking treatment

The first step before booking Panchakarma is to have a consultation with our Maharishi Ayurveda practitioner. Consultations can be done in-person, online or by phone.

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