Maharishi Ayurvedic Treatments for Men

Men’s Ayurvedic treatments, including panchakarma, are hosted by an independent company called Men’s Ayurvedic Treatments Ltd.

Our highly experienced male technicians will take care of you and allow you to feel rejuvenated after each treatment. Maharishi Panchakarma therapy, taking place over several days, are our most deeply cleansing treatments. We also offer individual treatments to balance eyesight, for the ears, lower back discomfort, arthritic joints and sinuses.

Marma therapy is also available, which balances mind and body on a deep and subtle level.

Both men and women can also learn Transcendental Meditation in residence at our centre.

All of our luxurious treatments are given in silence, allowing you to relax deeply which creates balance and bliss in your body and mind.

To book an appointment for panchakarma or short treatments call:

David Evans

Tel: 07927 100327


You will need an Ayurvedic practitioner’s consultation before having panchakarma. To book, contact 01695 735351,