Liz Court will host a Day Course on Maharishi AyurVeda for Perfect Weight on Saturday 13 June, 10am – 4pm in Bordon, Hampshire. The day course will be run by Dr Donn Brennan and Peter Brown.

Contact Liz on 01420 476000, if you want to come.

Dr Donn Brennan, medical doctor and Maharishi AyurVeda expert, will show:

  • how the knowledge and application of Ayurveda is the key to achieving ideal weight
  • how ideal weight is intimately tied in with body-type and digestive fire
  • how daily, seasonal and lifetime cycles affect digestion power and thereby weight loss or gain
  • deep Ayurvedic insights of how obesity is formed and how it can be reversed
  • how to break the “fat cycle”
  • Body Intelligence Techniques to improve digestion, burn off fat and improve nutrition
  • how to exercise according to age and body-type.
Peter Brown, Maharishi AyurVeda therapist, will demonstrate how to:

  • make breakfast, lunch and supper suitable for different doshic types
  • create meals for either weight loss or weight gain
  • combine different tastes in a meal to make it truly satisfying
  • identify food cravings, and will explain how they can be eliminated
  • combine different food elements for a meal to gain maximum nutrition
  • use and combine different herbs and spices to improve taste and digestibility
  • create both pre-meal mixtures to boost the appetite, and post-meal mixtures to aid digestion.

Course Location: Kingsley Centre, Main Rd, Kingsley, Bordon, Hants GU35 9ND

Date and time: Saturday, 13 June, 10am-4pm

Cost: £65 each person, £55 each for two or more

Book: 01420 476000,

Dr Donn Brennan giving webinar in clinic