Mother Massaging Baby

The Maharishi AyurVeda Mother and Baby Programme is an integrated approach for promoting the health of both parents and child. This approach encompasses preconception, pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care.

The preconception aspect of this programme prepares the basis for the healthy development of the new-born child – an individual with cosmic potential – by optimising the health of the parents, prior to conception.

The state of a person’s health, happiness and success, for their entire life, depends first and foremost on the state of the reproductive tissues of their parents.

Key stages of a child’s development

Other key stages that affect your child’s future health are:

  • the nine months in the womb
  • the delivery process
  • the first three months after delivery.

Ensuring radiant health

To help ensure radiant health for your child, it is not only desirable but also essential to ensure:

  • healthy conception
  • healthy pregnancy
  • normal delivery
  • healthy post natal period.

Enlivening the memory of perfect intelligence and order

Our body is an orderly and perfect expression of nature’s creative intelligence. By enlivening the memory of perfect intelligence and order inherent in all our cells, tissues, and organ systems we can bring our body to a higher state of functioning.

By adopting the different modalities offered by the Maharishi AyurVeda Mother and Baby Programme, we can help awaken the orderly functioning of nature’s creative intelligence inherent in our body, mind and consciousness.

Adopting this programme will not only improve your own present health, it will help secure the future health of your child.

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