Lesson 8 Chat Session – 15 April 2021

Perfect Health Club – saving scheme for treatment. Also, 10% off treatments and products:
Can you kindly provide class notes for all the sessions?
Timing Name Comment
00:13:19 Mary Abreu: I missed the first 10 minutes as I was waiting to be let in to the zoom
01:06:49 Peter Brown: MA Panchakarma in Skelmersdale, Lancs:
Women: 07850 942654
Men: 07752 075955
01:07:00 Peter Brown: MA Panchakarma in Rendlesham, Suffolk:
01394 548764
01:10:45 Peter Brown: Panchakarma leaflet and price list:
01:11:03 Peter Brown: Before booking MA Panchakarma, it is necessary to book a consultation:
01:11:15 Bill Murphy: Wonderful thank you all so much. Got to put my boys to bed
01:19:00 Mary Abreu: How do they do the blood letting treatment?  Leeches?
01:19:23 Mary Abreu: I was joking
01:19:56 Mary Abreu: So it’s optional
01:26:47 Fraya: How absolutely beautiful all that was. Thank you so much for the course. Very enjoyable.
01:27:35 Ann Dunn: It has been a great course.  Very informative and enjoyable.  Thank you lovely ladies.
01:28:54 Peter Brown:
01:29:05 Mary Abreu: How long can we listen to replays of these sessions we have had please?
01:29:20 Peter Brown: One month
01:29:23 Sandra Molina: Where can we send the feedback?
01:29:25 Sandra Molina: Thank you
01:29:27 Sandra Molina: Namaste
01:29:54 Naomi Burgess: thank you for all your efforts. really enjoyed, and noticed Sai Baba on your wall Susan. too. Learned masses to add to my knowledge.
01:30:02 Steve Hubball: My prayer is for Perfect Health for all our course participants and our wonderful Vaidyas.  Thank you Sue and Amitha!
01:30:24 Vaidya Amitha Rudraraju: a big thank you to all of you
01:30:36 Alan Malby: Thank you everyone
01:30:41 Anthony Thompson:
01:30:46 El: Thank you Susan and Amitha for putting together this course and for answering our questions. Lovely candle lighting at the end. Thank you fellow students. Jai Guru Dev.
01:30:48 Sandra Molina: Thank you for everything
01:30:56 Mary Abreu: Please let us know when we can have Panchakarma
01:31:12 Peter Brown: Panchakarma is available now Mary