Lesson 6  Chat Session – 18 March 2021

00:22:12 Peter Brown: MP4 oil is https://www.theayurvedashop.online/message-oils/mp4-country-mallow-massage-oil-500ml
01:23:22 Ann Dunn: Any tips for reducing blood pressure please?
01:23:24 Michael Weaver: how does having this Covid vaccination fit in with Ayurveda?  Should we have it? How can we prepare our bodies for it/after it?
01:24:00 alisonw: how to take amrit kalash?  In hot milk?
01:24:31 Mary Abreu: I have been taking the Blood Pressure balance herbal tablets and found them very helpful.  I have stopped any caffeine this week and that has helped to drop my blood pressure.
01:24:39 Richard Johnson: For Sunday’s talk by Dr Pirc is at 2.15. Here are the details of the link:
01:24:50 Richard Johnson: How to Join the Video-Conference:
01:24:50 Naomi Burgess: is ayurvedic pulse diagnosis similar to acuptuncture/Chinese pulse diagnosis
01:26:07 bill murphy: thank you all , wonderful lecture
01:26:51 Peter Brown: Marma Therapy of Ayurveda is similar to Acupuncture https://panchakarmacentre.co.uk/marma-therapy
01:27:41 Naomi Burgess: I had not realised there were different Ayurvedic therapies please can you elaborate a little?
01:27:59 Mary Abreu: This lecture has helped me to see how my lifestyle and working in the NHS plus some extra family stress, led me to be very out of balance and I got Fibromyalgia.  I feel that I have become more ‘Kapha’ now and that the balance is being redressed.  The Pandemic has helped me to be more become more balanced in my Ayurvedic routine as I have more time to look after myself better with less stress.#
01:28:51 Peter Brown: For more info on Ayurveda therapies go to: https://panchakarmacentre.co.uk
01:29:35 Naomi Burgess: Please could you talk a little about dealing with gallstones and pain
01:32:48 Mary Abreu: So how should we live in the Kapha season?
01:33:02 Peter Brown: Consultations: https://panchakarmacentre.co.uk/consultations
01:37:12 Peter Brown: Mary, try: https://panchakarmacentre.co.uk/ayurvedic-health-tips-for-spring
01:39:25 Mary Abreu: Thanks
01:42:03 Peter Brown: I heard one Vaidya say that before eating a meal, you should be hungry enough to be satisfied with a dried crust of bread
01:42:17 Mary Abreu: I have been doing Transcendental Meditation regularly since 1985.  By chance a few years ago, I had a free test from a Health Club who tested my biological age as well as other things.  They discovered that my biological age is about 10 years younger than my Chronological age.
01:42:40 Julianne Christou: Thank you
01:43:38 Michael Weaver: Can we learn TM through your organisation/via Zoom?
01:43:44 Julianne Christou: Lovely Mary!
01:44:43 Peter Brown: Michael. The initial day of learning TM is always in-person, but the subsequent follow-up sessions can be by Zoom
01:44:49 Mary Abreu: I think Dr Roth does a free introductory talk on TM on the internet.  One can be taught  on line
01:45:54 Michael Weaver: Thank you very much for that Mary.
01:46:35 Naomi Burgess: thanks again.
01:47:08 Vaidya Amitha Rudraraju: thank you all
01:47:17 Steve Hubball: Thanks Sue.  Jai Guru Dev.
01:48:31 Julianne Christou: For Michael…. Uk.Tm.org to find out about Transcendental Meditation üå∏
01:48:57 Michael Weaver: Thanks Julianne.
01:49:05 Mary Abreu: Bob Roth is the TM Teacher who does a very good introductory talk on line
01:49:34 Michael Weaver: Will look him up tomorrow.
01:50:47 Mary Abreu: Thank you very much.  Can we watch this lesson again?   I find as it is fortnightly, it is nice to watch it again in the alternate week.
01:50:48 Fraya: Great lesson. Thank you
01:50:51 Alan Malby: Thank you