Charlotte Bech on stage3-day course with Dr Charlotte Bech you will learn how to lose weight, reduce fluid retention and menstrual pain, increase fertility, balance hormones, enhance natural beauty and be happier all the time.

“This course has transformed the lives of thousands of women all over the world. It is for every woman who wants to know the truth about the monthly cycle, birth control pills, cramps, tampons, endometriosis, and how it all relates to female beauty.” – Charlotte Bech

  • Learn how to apply new and delicious diets and pleasant lifestyle routines for the first three days of each monthly flow
  • Receive shopping guides for tasty recipes
  • Find how to organise your schedule so you can tap into your secret female power and release your latent human potential
  • Learn how to utilise your cycle for a personal monthly yoga retreat.


Thursday 3 August (evening) – Sunday 6 August (afternoon)


16 Rowan Lane, Skelmersdale, Lancashire WN8 6UL


Course: £270; Lunch and supper for whole course: £38; Accommodation for 3-night B&B: £55.


Book at 01695 735351,

Course schedule:

First Evening: Course overview; Yoga programme instruction; The ancient science of life, health and self-realisation.

Day 1: Definition of a normal monthly cycle; Factors influencing the monthly cycle; Contraceptives.

Day 2: The ideal diet and lifestyle for the monthly cycle; The three dimensions of the monthly cycle programme

Day 3:  The three types of benefits gained by following the monthly cycle programme; Review of the course.

The course will consist of morning, afternoon and evening sessions. The last day will finish in the afternoon.