Charlotte Bech on stage4-day course with Dr Charlotte Bech on how to manage symptoms of menopause and post-menopause, such as fatigue, sleep problems, weight gain, hot flushes, mood swings, and dryness.

“Life after 40 does not have to be disturbed by hot flushes, insomnia, overweight and mood swings. You can actually take advantage of this transition phase and emerge slimmer, healthier, stronger, more free and more yourself than ever before.” – Charlotte Bech

The main purpose of the course is to show that a new and wonderful chapter begins after the age of 40.

The course is based on the ancient, time-tested health system of Ayurveda and provides specific lifestyle advice to help you manage the multifaceted hormonal changes that occur during and after menopause. Ayurveda reveals novel and effective advice on everything from ‘grandmother arms’, fluid retention to fatigue and mood swings.


Sunday 30 July (evening) – Thursday 3 August (afternoon)


16 Rowan Lane, Skelmersdale, Lancashire WN8 6UL

Course fee:

Course: £350; Lunch and supper for whole course: £50; Accommodation for 4-night B&B: £70.


Book at 01695 735351,

Course schedule:

First Evening: Course overview; Yoga programme instruction; Introducing Maharishi Vedic Medicine.

Day 1: Vedic medicine anatomy (Sareera Rachana); Physiology (Kriya) of female hormones.

Day 2: Female hormones; The internal and external use of healthy fats; Endocrine disruptors in food, home and environment.

Day 3: Healthy diet and nutrition to restore and maintain balanced female hormones; Healthy lifestyle – sleep, exercise, and positive thinking for balanced hormones.

Day 4: Phytoestrogens: spices, herbs and essential oils for hormonal balance: How to use small bottles with fragrant oils; Review of all lessons and the entire course.

The course will consist of morning, afternoon and evening sessions. The last day will finish in the afternoon.