Enjoy a day course on Ayurveda, food, digestion, cooking, and eating for better health.

  • See how to create breakfasts, lunches and suppers suitable for the Ayurvedic body types: Vata, Pitta and Kapha
  • Learn how to produce meals for weight loss, weight gain, or maintaining your ideal weight
  • Learn to how to incorporate all six tastes into your meals, so that your body feels satisfied and does not crave snacks during the day
  • Discover Body Intelligence Techniques to improve digestion, remove toxins and increase your absorption of essential nutrients
  • Find out how the “fat cycle” works and how to escape it
  • Learn much, much more… and enjoy a delicious lunch
  • Suitable for beginners, and those experienced in Ayurveda.
Cooking course in South Manchester

Peter Brown will teach the day course

Peter Brown trained in 1986 as an Maharishi AyurVeda Therapist and helped set up the first Maharishi Panchakarma clinic in the UK. He has run numerous courses on Ayurveda, food and cooking and is a director of the Maharishi AyurVeda Health Centre in Skelmersdale, Lancashire.