Ayurveda Body-type Questionnaire by Dr Amitha Rudraraju

Knowing your Ayurvedic body-type is a key to understand you inner and outer nature. It gives you insight into why you favour certain foods, and enjoy certain types of weather, activities and lifestyle. It can also help you monitor your own state of health.

Ayurvedic body-types are used to categorise differences in the proportions of the three fundamental elements or Doshas that underly the physiology: Vata (movement), Pitta (transformation) and Kapha (structure). The vast number of constant interactions between these three factors governs all the complex systems that maintain life and well-being.

Each of us is different and Ayurveda categorises these differences by studying the amounts of each Dosha present in our body. Those with more Vata are quicker in their thinking and movement. Those with more Pitta, are physically and tempermentally hotter. A predomience of Kapha, usually indicates a large-frame and a steady, easy-going nature.

Prakriti and Vikriti

Whatever the state of Doshic balance you were born with, as long are you retain that balance, you experience good health. The term for this inherent or natural balance is called Prakriti.

Throughout your life, this inherent balance often becomes obscured and altered by various factors, such as:

  • the climate of the region you live in
  • the diet you are brought up with and adopt
  • family and social relationships
  • the type of work you do
  • the physical, mental and emotional stress you incure.

Many influences may disturb your natural state of balance and if unattended, these Doshic imbalances become the seeds of poor health. Vikriti is the name given for any present state of imbalance you may have.

The purpose of all Ayurvedic advice and treatment is to bring you on a path from Vikriti, or imbalance, back to your inherent Prakriti, your natural state of balance and good health.

Doshic Quiz

To get a general idea of your present state of Doshic balance, download, print and answer the questions in the following handout.

For a far more specific and detailed measure of your body-type, book a consultation with one of our Maharishi Ayurveda practitioners. Our practitioners are trained in ancient diagnostic skills that can detect the state of balance or imbalance within different body organs and tissues. Such a diagnosis can also detect disease at its very earliest seed stages. They will then give practical advice on diet, lifestyle, exercise, herbal supplements and treatments that can not only restore better health, but prevent future illness.