Our centre in Skelmersdale offers a wide range of treatments based on the traditional Indian health system called Ayurveda. The following short treatments are offered at a special introductory price until 31st March.

Ayurveda Oil Massage £45

Abhyanga massage

Also called Abhyanga, a full body massage with warm herbalised oils is given by an expert Ayurvedic therapist. Helps to soften and release toxins that accumulate in your cells and tissues. Reduced the signs of ageing in your skin and rejuvenates the whole body. It’s blissful!

Ayurveda Head Massage £45

Ayurveda Head Massage

Also called Shiro Abhyanga, this massage is deeply relaxing. It calms and clears the mind and cleans out toxins that accumulate in the head and sinuses. Especially for those who suffer from after-effects of colds and flu, have sinus problems or who feel dull and listless.

Heart Treatment £45

Heart Basti

Also called Hrid Basti, in this treatment, a soothing pool of herbalised oil rests on the heart area. Useful for both physical heart conditions, such as irregularities, and for emotional conditions, such as heartache, sadness and loss.

Back Treatment £45

Lower back Kati basti

Also called Kati Basti, this treatment can be applied to any area of the back that is giving problems. A pool of oil is maintained on the affected area within a dough ring. Helps relieve a wide range of back problems.

Stress Treatment £45

Shiro Pichu

Also called Shiro Picchu, in this treatment herbalised oil is gently dripped on the top of the head. Relieves stress, removes fatigue, enhances vitality, helps with sleep, and calms the mind. Traditionally used for a wide range of mental conditions.